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Jeremy/Damon Kink Bingo

I am participating for the first time in the kink_bingo and I want to write a blackout so 25 fics in the same universe with Damon and Jeremy as the pairing. The story are going to be explicit. I am looking for a beta since my first language is french and not english.

Thank you.

Visual Blogging Friending Comms

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To any that have fics on fanfiction.net

Fanfiction.net mods are doing a crack down on fics that violate their TOS. All yesterday and today, fics and accounts have been removed without warning if your summary has a curse word or if you have explicit sex in the rated M section. You can read what others are experiencing at


As an alternative, many are backing up and moving their fics to AO3 (Archive of Our Own). If you are not a member and don't want to wait for an invite, you can request one at the links below. Also, if you are a member of AO3, please share some codes at the links below.


Thank You


Description: "31 days. 31 stories. All involving masturbation in some way (doing it, talking about it, watching it, we're easy...). We ask that stories are at least 100 words long, although there's no upper limit. If you don't feel like you can do all 31 days, then please feel free to post for as many days as you want to."

Due date/Posting date: May 1 - May 31



Multifandom: Rare Ship Swap

Multifandom: Rare Ship Swap

Link: http://shipswap.livejournal.com/1070.html

Description: A gift exchange for the less popular pairings. If you have a ship that you love, that doesn't get enough fic, then this exchange is the one for you. Ships can be het, slash, femslash, and every other possible type of ship imaginable.

Sign-up date/deadline: May 18/June 8

Due date: August 26

Posting date: August 31



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Beta Form

Please fill this out.

- Your LJ Name/Address and/or Email (Please choose the best way for writers to contact you.)
- Will you read general (non-relationship) fic? Heterosexual pairings? Slash pairings?
- Genres you prefer? (Romance, angst, mystery, etc.)
- Genres you aren't interested in?
- What are your strengths? (Plot holes, characterization, flow/voice of the author, spelling/grammar?)
- Couples/Pairings/Characters you love?
- Couples/Pairings/Characters you won't read?
- How harsh can you be? (Meaning, will you have a problem honestly telling a person what's wrong with their story for fear of hurting their feelings?)
- Are you willing to beta longer and multi-part fics?
- Are there any specific areas of fandom in which you can or cannot beta for? (examples would be: film version versus novel; classic series versus contemporary series and/or spin offs; limited knowledge of canon or a knowledge of canon that is so vast, even the creators couldn't beat you at a Fandom XYQ Triva-Off)